Boundless Dialogues is an artists’ book project initiated by part time faculty members from the Print Media program, Concordia University in Montreal, Bonnie Baxter, Jenny Lin, Stephanie Russ, Patrick Visentin, involving research on expanded print practices and the legacy of Éditions Roselin.

We invited a group of nine undergraduate students to engage in an 8-month project for which they developed new artists’ books (artworks that are to be experienced in book form or that explore the idea of a book) in response to past projects of master bookbinder, Jacques Fournier (founder of Éditions Roselin). This project is inspired by Jacques’ recent donation of bookbinding equipment to our program area and his willingness to share his expertise.

The student participants are:

Shazia Ahmad
Mauricio Aristizabal
Alejandro Barbosa
Nix Burox
Lindsey Carter
Cariston Fawcett
Frédéric Lamontagne 
Pierre de Montalte
Alix Roederer-Morin

Individual projects range from traditional book formats to more experimental, sculptural forms that expand the idea of what an artists’ book is. Over the past eight months, the students met individually with Jacques as well as the faculty members to help develop their unique projects. These meetings included specific technical demonstrations and discussion on the ways in which research and content could be realized into physical form. The project has culminated in a group exhibition of these student works and the Roselin works they have responded to. The exhibition is taking place at the Webster Library at Concordia between April 3 - 30, 2018, curated by Melinda Reinhart, Fine Arts Librarian emeritus, who has generously offered her time and attention to follow this project closely throughout its eight-month duration.

This project began on September 25, 2017, with a public lecture followed by demonstrations on the use of his donated equipment. During this lecture, Jacques shared his collection of artists’ books that had recently been donated to the Concordia Library Special Collection, that were made in collaboration with writers, visual artists and poets. (To see these works, please visit: http://www.editionsroselin.com)

Information, written by curator Melinda Reinhart, on the books that the students responded to can be found here: http://boundlessdialogues.blogspot.ca/2018/01/students-select-and-respond-to-editions.html

("Boundless Dialogues" was formerly titled "Legacies")

This project was funded and supported by: 

The Print Media program (Studio Art Department, Concordia University)
The Office of the Associate Dean of Research, Concordia University
SPA (Student Print Association) 
CCSL (Concordia Council on Student Life)
Richard Lacroix Print Media Paper Grant
Concordia Libraries

In addition, some individual participants' projects were funded by FARR (the Fine Arts Reading Room) and FASA (Fine Arts Student Alliance)