Students choose Editions Roselin Artists' Books donated to Concordia Library for Response

Jacques Fournier recently made a significant donation of artists' books produced by his press Editions Roselin to Concordia University Library’s Special Collections as well as a number of traditional pre-digital presses and equipment to Concordia’s Print Media department. 
To underline this generous and noteworthy donation, the library and Print Media department are collaborating on a project that brings together Jacques Fournier with professors and students. Jacques Fournier will transmit his knowledge and expertise to art students through a series of workshops, and Print Media professors Bonnie Baxter, Jenny Lin, Patrick Visentin, and Stephanie Russ will work closely with students who will produce an artists' book in response to one of the Editions Roselin works in the library collection. All works will be exhibited in the Webster Library in April 2018.
Students have chosen to respond to one of the following works designed, conceptualised and produced by Jacques Fournier in collaboration with the writers and artists indicated.

LE 6 AVRIL 1944 (1999), Edward Hillel, text and photography

This book work is comprised of a yellow-covered box incorporating a photograph of a fog shrouded landscape as well as the inscription of the names of 44 Jewish children killed by the Nazis at Maison d’Isieux, France, on April 6, 1944. Iraqi-born Edward Hillel grew up in Montreal, where he worked as a community organizer when this work was produced. He is currently Founder & Director of the Harlem Biennale.

Travaux photographique (1994), Paul Lacroix, photography; various authors, texts.

This work consists of seven separate books centred around 100 photographs. In a reversal of typical book production, each of the books include texts by writers, art historians, etc. who have written in response to a selection of the photos. The design of the book evokes drawers used to store works. Paul Lacroix studied at the École des Beaux-arts du Québec and at the École des beaux-arts de Montréal, studying with Alfred Pellan among other internationally recognized artists. Texts included: Chants d'ombres (Daniel Béland), Langage du sol (Marie-Lucie Crépeau), Lumiere noire (Louise Déry), Territoire (Carl Johnson), Ombres et reflets (Laurier Lacroix), Tempete / Macula (Alain Laframboise), Les cahiers d'ombres (Lisanne Nadeau).

MANUSCRIT TROUVÉ DANS L’OTAGO (1996), Monique Mongeau, drawings; Georges Coppel, text. 

Co-edited with les Éditions L’Oeil du Griffon, France, this bookwork incorporates a short story by French writer Georges Coppel whose text centres around a book manuscript he discovered in New Zealand.  Quebec painter Monique Mongeau, noted for her botanical works, has produced the illustrations of plants mentioned in Coppel’s text.

LA PASSION DU SENS (1996), Sylvia Safdie, sculpture; Denise Desautels, text.

The structure of this book is dictated by Montreal multi-disciplinary artist Sylvia Safdie’s miniature installation made of glass metal and stone which are reflected on the surface of the page. The text by internationally recognized Quebec poet Denise Desautels is reflected on a glass plate and is cumulative from page to page.

HOMMAGE À ETTY HILLESUM (2005), Etty Hillesum, text; Charlotte Arnoux Saut, prints.

This book brings together the texts, letters, and diaries of Etty Hillesum (1914-1943), which describe the persecutions of Jewish people in Amsterdam during the German occupation,  and the prints of French artist Charlotte Arnoux Saut who devoted a series of works to the 60th anniversary of Hillesum’s death.

REFLECTIONS OF A FACE (2011) Sylvie Safdie, photography; Eric Ormsby, text.

Poems written by Eric Ormsby, formerly of Montreal, point to the the essence of humanity and spiritual life of the person photographed. The poems are intensified by the photography by multidisciplinary artist Sylvia Safdie, who lived in Israel before relocating to Canada in 1953.

Sainte Sebastienne II: Hommage a Louse Bourgeoise (2007),
               Denise Deautels,& Helene Dorion, text; Francoise Sullivan, painting.

This book work makes a reference to Louise Bourgeois's print series (1990-1998) where she depicted the iconic image of martyr Saint Sebastian as a female. This sculptural book work includes the poems of Denise Desautels and Helene Dorion which are engraved on metal sheets that slide into a flank on a box painted by internationally recognized Quebec painter Francoise Sullivan. Each edition includes a differently painted box.

Jaune, Rouge, Bleu (2000). Texts by Suzanne Jacob, Joel Des Rosiers,  Jose Acquelin.

This bookwork when closed appears to be one black covered volume which consists of five page less volumes; the colours are based on the four colour printing technique. The two black volumes framing the work are without text while the three central sections include lead type on the right side of each volume which when opened reveal the text embossed on the left side.

Other Editions Roselin works donated to Concordia Library Special Collections 

Si. (2014). Text by Nicole Brossard, Image by Martha Townsend.

Dejouer. (2013). Images by Marie-Claude Bouthillier.

Rose Desarroi. (2010). Text by Denise Desautels, Prints by Bonnie Baxter.

Quai Rimbaud. (2009). Poems by Denise Desautels. Aquatint by Gabriel Belgeonne.

Sans Titre. (2008). Text by Madeleine Gagnon, Graphics by Irene Whittome.

Orphee Voyage. (2006). text by Gilles Cyr, Dominique Noguez, Collage by Cozic.
L'Enfant Mauve. (2004). Texts by Denise Desautels, Prints by Jacqueline Ricard.

Construction Florale Un Opera de la Nature. (2003).
Text by Gilbert Lascault, Photographs by Christiane Chabot.
Podologique. (2002). Text by Jean Klepal, Photographs by Paul Lacroix.

Parfois Les Astres. (2000).
Texts by Denise Desautels, Louise Dupre.

Novembre (2001). Text by Denise Desautels, Embossing by Jacqueline Ricard.

Architectures. (2001). Poems by Denise Desautels, Prints by Gabriel Belgeonne.
Aujard'in, Les Lointains. (2001).
Text by Marc Andre Brouilette,  Images by Richard Deschenes.
Paysages Interieurs. (1997).
Texts and Calligraphy by Michel Cote, Frank Lalou, Morikuni Sasaki,  Taouffik Sammad.
La Connaissance. (1993). Poems by Gille Cyr, Images by Vivian Gottheim.